Down Draft Evaporative Cooler Covers

Down Draft Cooler Covers

Down Discharge Cooler Cover
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Side Draft Cooler Covers

Side Discharge Cooler Cover
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Round Cooler Cover
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Turbine Ventilator Covers

Turbine Ventilator Cover

Brian's Canvas Products Evaporative Cooler Covers

Brian's Canvas cooler covers are manufactured in the USA from a heavy duty, cotton-blend canvas. This blended canvas resists tearing common to covers manufactured off-shore, and the parafin wax coating helps our cooler covers stand up to harsh winter weather.

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Cooler covers we manufacture.

We offer a wide range of standard sizes for practically every cooler model, or we can make custom cooler covers to your specifications. All cooler covers are oversized to allow for shrinkage and minor cooler cabinet size variations. These covers are easy to install and help lower heating costs.

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